2015 Annual Report


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A Message from the President/CEO, Gary Olund

Anniversaries are a special time to celebrate past memories and renew one's commitment to the future.  Nationally, fifty years of Community Action provides a rich history of accomplishments which have benefited millions of Americans in their efforts to live independently with dignity and hope.   There have also been, and remain, challenges for many as they strive to attain financial stability and independence.  It's the job not yet done that requires Northwest Indiana Community Action to position itself to be strong on every front as we work to fulfill our mission of "helping people become independent and advocating for those who can't".
We are proud to present this year's annual report as a tribute to those we have helped, those who have supported our efforts and those we serve, both now and in the future.  Just like our nation, our foundation rests on people who are committed to the idea that we have a responsibility to help others.  As long as we always remember that each of us could be just a moment away from needing help, then we will remain diligent in our resolve to make a positive difference in people's lives.
As you will read in the pages that follow, the central theme presented is being strong in all aspects of our organization's efforts, past, present and future.  The key is people who are strong in their belief in service to others.  Strong governance, strong leadership, strong support, strong programs, strong financials, strong awareness, strong commitment, and strong potential puts us in a strong position for a strong future.  A future that enables us to accept the vital responsibility of fulfilling our critical mission.
We wish to thank all the people who have played such an important role in our past and support us moving forward.  Volunteers, staff, funders, partners, stakeholders and those we serve deserve our utmost gratitude for the successes portrayed in this annual report.  We look forward to continued anniversaries to celebrate what we hope are many more memories of accomplishments by our organization and, most importantly, by those we are here to serve.