2017 Annual Report


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A Message from the President/CEO, Gary Olund

The Power of Access… there are still far too many people without access to affordable housing, nutritious food, living wage jobs, healthcare and more. Access to services and resources makes it possible for families to create plans and obtain the kinds of skills that will help them build assets to move out of poverty as opposed to struggling to make ends meet and living ‘day to day.’ Access can be as simple as a child having a way to do homework online or as complex as needing a skilled nurse to come into an aging parent’s home to help with daily life activities.

NWICA seeks to help people to be independent by eliminating the barriers that hard-working low wage earning families, our aging residents, and those living with disabilities so often face. We work everyday to strengthen the communities we serve and provide access to the resources that exist. We educate and advocate for those needing support and empower individuals to make sustaining, lifelong, healthy choices.

Thank you in advance for reading our annual report (link in left column of this page). We welcome you to come in to our office or attend one of our events to experience the power of access for yourself.