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For Service Providers

Requests for Proposals

Northwest Indiana Community Action Corporation (NWICA) establishes agreements with other organizations in order to provide services to:

     • low-income individuals and families
     • individuals who are elderly and/or disabled
     • family caregivers

for Jasper, Lake, Newton, Porter, Pulaski, and Starke counties in Northwest Indiana.

Proposal Process

In order to provide high quality direct services, NWICA elects to conduct a Request for Proposals (RFP) process. Providers are strongly encouraged to submit proposals electronically. Instructions for electronic submission are included in each proposal. Proposals are reviewed internally by the Quality Assurance Department, the Finance Department, the Informaton Technology Department, and by appropriate program staff and management. Upon completion of the internal review process, NWICA staff makes a contract recommnedation to the NWICA Board of Directors. Applicants will be notified of the status of their proposals following the decision of the Board of Directors.

NWICA issues RFPs for all contracted services at least every three years. Proposals for certain services are also accepted for review on a quarterly basis based on consumer need and funding availability. For a list of current service provider openings, please see the link below. If you do not see your service listed there, NWICA is not currently accepting proposals for that service. Please check back periodically for updates.

Proposal Completion & Submission

Each proposal consists of two sections*


Section One contains general information about the applicant organization and includes those assurances and attachments that are required of all providers. Each applicant organization only needs to complete one copy of Section 1 regardless of the number of services they wish to provide.

Please click here to download Section 1 – Applicant Information (*Weatherization and Pest Control Contractors do NOT need this section. If you are a Weatherization Contractor, please see the section below entitled "Becoming a Weatherization Contractor." Pest Control Contractors may access the Pest Control packet via the current service provider openings link below.)


Section Two of the proposal contains information specific to the actual service(s) the applicant wishes to provide. Applicant organizations should complete one copy of the service specific proposal for each service they wish to provide.

Please click here for the list of current openings for NEW service providers, and to download Section Two.

Becoming a Weatherization Contractor
Updated December 2020 - Bidding Currently Open! Packets due January 12, 2021.

NWICA operates a Weatherization Program for low-income individuals. This program is designed to maximize the energy efficiency of homes primarily through stopping infiltration, insulating attics, installing sidewall insulation, insulating hot water heaters, furnace tune-ups, and repairing or replacing combustion appliances.

Please click below to download the Weatherization Bid Packet. Please click here to download the Weatherization Bid Packet.

Anyone with specific questions regarding a proposal or the proposal process should submit questions in writing. Submissions should include the name of the inquirer, the name of the organization, the specific information requested, and a telephone number and email address for follow up.

Questions should be submitted in writing either via mail to
ATTN: Quality Department
5240 Fountain Drive
Crown Point, IN 46307
or via email to:

RFP Processing and Review Information:

RFPs must comply fully with the requirements detailed in the application

Threshold Review:
Reviewers will determine whether each Applicant meets the minimum criteria for review of their proposal, including:

•      Evidence of good standing with the Indiana Secretary of State; and
•      Evidence of financial soundness, as determined by NWICA in its sole discretion
•      Submission of all required Proposal components and Attachments

Proposals that do not meet one or more of these criteria may be eliminated from consideration.

Incomplete applications, applications containing errors or inconsistencies, lacking required sections, or other process errors or deficiencies, may constitute cause for rejection. NWICA may request clarification or additional information from the applicant at any point during the application process.

Based on the results of our evaluation, the qualifying proposals determined to be the most advantageous to NWICA may be selected for further action.  Successful applicants shall be required to enter into a written agreement with the NWICA and comply with all requirements detailed in the Service Definition(s), RFP materials and subsequent contract document(s).  However if NWICA decides that no proposal is sufficiently advantageous to NWICA, then NWICA MAY take whatever action is deemed necessary to fulfill its needs.  If, for any reason, a proposal is selected but it is not possible for NWICA to consummate a contract with the Applicant, NWICA may begin contract preparation with another quality Applicant or determine that no such alternate proposal exists.

Applicants will be notified in writing, by mail or email, of NWICA’s decision.