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Reimagine Conference 2020


National leaders in every sector are beginning to identify adverse childhood experiences —or ACEs—as a core issue for community development efforts across the country. Nearly a quarter of U.S. children live below the federal poverty level, and, in almost every state, economic hardship is now the most common adverse childhood experience. Economic hardship can cause high parental stress and increase the likelihood of experiencing abuse or neglect. Unstable or unaffordable housing, poor neighborhood quality, and eviction can also be profound sources of stress for parents and children.
Neighborhood quality often informs the quality of available jobs, schools and health care, as well as a families’ social mobility. Research also suggests that the stress associated with housing instability can increase known risk factors for child abuse and neglect, such as harsh parenting practices and maternal depression. Nearly 80 percent of mothers experiencing homelessness have significant histories of childhood trauma. Thus, housing instability should be considered both a cause and a consequence of ACEs.

A collaboration of Northwest Indiana organizations is planning a two‐day conference designed to engage and educate multiple sectors in the community about ACEs and their impacts on communities. Rescheduled, to commence now on October 14th & 15th, 2020 we will gather 300 individuals from across the region to reimagine how we best provide care, build connections, and heal communities. By organizing across sectors to recognize and address ACEs, we can overcome many of the most difficult challenges facing our neighborhoods today.

Attendees will:
 Become familiar with the research regarding ACEs and resilience and their impacts on communities

 Learn how addressing ACEs can help stabilize and revitalize distressed, underserved, low‐ to moderate‐income neighborhoods

 Consider how affordable housing, child care, education, healthcare, social services, law enforcement, businesses and financial institutions can partner to heal the impacts of ACEs for individuals and communities

We are asking community partners, like you, to join the effort by sponsoring this event. Additional information and sponsorship levels for the event are left side of this page.

Once you have determined your level of commitment, please complete the enclosed Sponsor Agreement and return it to:

Northwest Indiana Community Action
5240 Fountain Drive,
Crown Point, IN 46307.

Your participation is crucial to our efforts to address ACEs in Northwest Indiana. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Anna Schoon at aschoon@nwi‐