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September 2015 update- The South Shore and Bank On Northwest Indiana are a partnership engineered to get your financial goals on track.With your brand new bank account, you can access the South Shore App or Ticket Vending Machines.  Save money and time!


Did you know that having a bank account is a key step to financial independence? Did you know that more than 56,000 people in our community either don't have a bank account or use alternative high-interest nonbank resources?

Instead, some individuals rely on products like pay day loans, check cashing, and pawn shops. On average, these individuals spend $1000/year on fees. 

Bank On Northwest Indiana is a community collaboration to help residents access mainstream financial services and education at five participating institutions- Centier, First Midwest Bank, 1st Savings Bank of Hegewisch, Peoples Bank, and Regional Credit Union. United Way of Porter County, Northwest Indiana Community Action, 2-1-1 and the participating institutions are all partners working together to help you open a bank account.

Residents who have never had a bank account or have had difficulties in the past are finding that many traditional barriers have been reduced or eliminated. These can include minimum balance requirements, past unpaid overdraft charges, or lack of a U.S. driver's license or state-issued identification.

Education workshops are an important component of the Bank On program. Workshops give Bank On clients and any interested individual the resources and supports to successfully manage their new account and improve their financial life. These workshops go over basic checking account maintenance, budgeting, and financial goal setting.  

Bank On Northwest Indiana is committed to providing affordable banking services and education to promote a secure financial future for EVERYONE. Learn How You Can Open a Bank Account Today.

Bank on NWI has partnered with several banks to help you open your own bank account. Our current partners are: