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The NWI Times: Price of Poverty Special Section

On June 8, 2014, The NWI Times published a Special Section titled: The Price of Poverty. NWICA's President/CEO Gary Olund, was proud to serve on the Poverty Advisory Board believes that this is an extraordinary piece is vital to the Region's success.

But the leaders of at least two region social service agencies agree the social — and financial — cost of doing nothing could be greater than the dollars spent on poor relief.

More individuals and families are finding themselves in need of assistance because of the changing local economy, said Gary Olund, president and chief executive officer of Northwest Indiana Community Action. Fewer jobs available and lower-paying existing jobs add up to increased need at many levels.

"Although we're recovering economically, there are still a lot of people behind the eight ball due to job loss, due to the economic crisis ... you've got folks who never anticipated being in need of assistance," Olund said.

They want to live independently and support their family and themselves, but they lean on social service agencies.

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